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Energy Expert Review & Audit


This future-oriented activity is boosted through implementation of Russian Federal Law # 261-ФЗ, On Energy Saving & Energy Efficiency Enhancement, and Kazakhstan Law # 541-IVЗРК, On Energy Saving & Energy Efficiency Enhancement.

Energy survey (audit) is the first step for any facility's energy efficiency improvement program, aimed finally at reducing the product cost and contributing to its marketability. Enery audit results demonstrate general energy consumption patterns and effectiveness, thus revealing instances of energy misallocation. Energy saving practices have proved to pay back within three months to three years.

An energy audit includes the following steps:

a)    review of actual energy consumption patterns and effectiveness based on document studies; includes analysis of energy resources such as boiler/furnace fuels, electric power, heat power, compressed air, motor fuels, hot/cold water, etc., on the level of entire plant, individual processes or facilities,

b)    instrument measurements to identify undue losses and consumption;

c)    technical reporting and making of an energy performance certificate for a energy consuming plant. The energy performance certificate contains data on the major  fuel/heat/power consuming facilities in the plant and energy balances;

d)     energy saving solutions are further developed, with annual savings and payback periods calculated;

e)    follow-up on and assistance in implementation of the energy-saving solutions.

QUANTOR Group is certified to carry out energy audits and meets all statutory energy saving requirements:

  • Quantor Engineering Company is a member of EnergoAudit Expert Association (Self-Regulating Organization), SRO Certificate No. СРО-Э-033;
  • ZamanQuantor LLP is an accredited energy auditor of plants, facilities and buildings (Accreditation Certificate No. 084 as of 06/04/2015);
  • the work is carried out by accredited personnel who have passed a special higher educational program, are experienced in implementing best industry practices and additionally trained in energy audit as per Order 148 issued by Russia's Ministry of Energy on 07/04/2010;
  • the Company has all required Russian-made as well as foreign-made tools.

The instrumentation stock is duly verified, calibrated and serviced, and is completely sufficient for any in-house work.

The Company is looking forward to cooperating with you. We guarantee high quality and efficient techniques. Many years of on-site work, including energy audits, sophisticated diagnostic tools used for all kinds of instrumental survey, competent personnel, and adherence to the occupational safety requirements position QUANTOR Group as a reliable business partner.


Energy Saving Technology Solutions

лого ицэт                 QUANTOR Group, in cooperation with Energy Saving Technologies Engineering Centre, is developing a new business line to produce and deliver energy saving facilities for gas-consuming industrial sites in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We deliver innovative solutions for air heating systems, heat-moisture treatment of reinforced concrete products, inert material heating, wood and produce drying techniques, etc.).


These pioneering techniques address state programs in Kazakhstan, such as:

- Energy Audit & Energy Saving Program (On Energy Saving & Energy Efficiency Enhancement Act No. 541-IV as of January 13, 2012, as amended 15/06/2015),

- Innovative Technologies Program (On Innovation Technology Park Cluster Act No. 207-V  as of June 10, 2014 , as amended 29/12/2014).


Energy saving solutions enable plants to cut down energy costs, spin out their funds, reduce payback and marketing time for the Kazakhstan products released for global markets.