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Cathodic Protection


Another key activity of Quantor Group is cathodic protection of buried pipelines.



We provide the following services:

  • Investigation and survey of integrated protection systems of various underground utilities
  • Cathodic protection installation to protect buried utilities, including cathodic protection stations with anode ground beds of various types and design (surface, deep, and continuous anodes), drainage protection stations (protection of structures from stray currents of any origin), sacrificial protection units, insulating joints and flanges, test posts, and insulation coatings
  • Operation of cathodic protection facilities
  • A comprehensive survey of cathodic protection systems of trunk oil and gas product pipelines, pumping and compressor station sites, oil tank farms and oil and gas storages, followed by design and upgrade of cathodic protection facilities; simulation modelling of active and passive corrosion protection of pumping station sites; fault location in insulating coatings; measurement of the actual burial depth of process pipelines; measurement of soil electrical resitivity. Improvement of transformer-rectifier operation modes
  • Miscellaneous services in construction and major repairs of trunk pipeline facilities, oil tank farms and oil and gas storages, including quality control of insulation coatings of open utilities, insulation coating test by way of cathodic polarization, fault location in insulating coatings of buried metallic utilities